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Annual Stand Down

The Stand Down is an annual resource event for homeless veterans. We have dozens of veterans service providers with information tables to connect veterans with services. We also have medical and dental on site for simple procedures and appointments. There is a wonderful lunch put on by fantastic chefs. During the Stand Down veterans have the opportunity to receive sleeping bags, tents, boots, warm clothing, rucksacks, socks, undergarments, and much more. The event is free to anyone who has served in the military and helps hundreds of veterans every year. We have services available for housing, healthcare, mental healthcare, VA claims and benefits, employment programs, and many more. 

Battle Buddies is a free weekly event that serves veterans with no agenda. Veterans can enjoy a free lunch every Thursday and socialize with other veterans. 


Though Battle Buddies has no formal agenda, it has been successful at serving veterans in a variety of ways. Veterans are more likely to feel comfortable socializing with other veterans who "understand". This has led to many reclusive veterans to come engage and seek services. Many of the veterans who attend are either in support services or work in support services and provide a variety of options for a veteran with any need. Veterans, just like civilians, need social interaction as much as any other basic need and Battle Buddies provides that in a safe and judgement free environment. 


SOVAH is an outreach organization. This project includes traveling to homeless camps to serve or just meeting a veteran in need at their place of comfort. While we do provide services in Salem, much of our outreach exists in smaller communities that don't have access to the same services. 

Educational Gardening

Basic Needs Assistance Program

SOVAH has money set aside to assist veterans with immediate basic needs issues: groceries, bus pass, utilities, and many more. This is both a use of funds and collaboration with community partners. 


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