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How your donations help:

  • Over 95% of your donations will go to directly assist a veteran in need or provide an outreach event to serve hundreds of veterans. 

  • Serving Our Veterans At Home is 100% volunteer run; no money pays salaries or building expenses.

  • One person donating just $10/month can stabilize one at risk veteran each year and prevent homelessness.

  • Currently we work with more veterans than money and your donation can immediately impact the life of a veteran in need. 



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  • The average cost of gas for a veteran looking for work is $40



  • For $150 you can sponsor a week of Battle Buddies and provide resources and hope to veterans.



  • The annual stand down costs $10,000 on average.  DOL grant only covers $7,000 and that is why your donations are so important for this project . That serves over 250 veterans. 



  • A donation of $10/month will provide one veteran a year with the assistance necessary to stabilize and in many cases, avoid homelessness.



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Choose one of the above preset donation amounts or choose from the donation options below and select your donation amount. Thank you.

We are a registered 501c(3) charity and can provide tax ID forms upon request. Thank you for your donation!

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